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At GAP Hybrid School, we have a passion and love for homeschooling, teaching, and watching our students grow and learn not only academically, but in every way. We meet two days a week and also have many opportunities for social networking through special events and field trips. We are available to provide support and guidance for parents as they continue teaching their children at home.

Grades 1 – 12 attend classes for 30 weeks and are taught by experienced teachers who are passionate about their students learning. Students are given lessons through the ThinkWave program online, which they are to complete at home with their parent/guardian. All grades are reported through ThinkWave as well.

Our program offers a full year of classes in English, Math, Science, History and Spanish. Electives are also offered for middle and high school students including Speech, Life Skills, Newspaper Staff, Art and Music. As a hybrid school, our students get to mix traditional school attendance (two days per week) with at-home instruction. Our teachers provide the primary instruction and assign grades; parents are directly involved with their child’s learning process without having to prepare lessons or special projects. Parents are an integral part of the process to facilitate learning on the days students are at home.

GAP was an answer to prayer. We had decided to look for a Co-op setting for our kids last year, and when we walked in and saw they were using the same curriculum we had already been using, we knew God had sent us there. Thankful for the teachers that have poured into my kids this year.

GAP Parent

Mission & Values

Our mission is to provide low-cost, credit-worthy classes for our students while joining parents to equip students with the practical, relational, and academic skills they need to succeed.






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Christian Worldview

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