Where and when does GAP Hybrid School meet?
We meet at Camp Chula Vista, 1000 Chula Vista Drive, Pell City, AL 35125.
How does lunch work?
Students need to bring their lunch. There will be special lunch days announced where students may buy their lunch.
Will there be recess?
For students in 1st to 5th grade, P.E. will be offered after lunch (4th period).
Will there be grades and report cards?
Yes, there are grades for each class reported on ThinkWave.
How will teachers communicate assignments?
Teachers will have homework and grades listed on ThinkWave so parents and students can access them at any time.
What will class size be limited to?
We keep each class limited to 12 students.
Are there required parent volunteer hours?
No. However, parent involvement in the program is always welcome and appreciated. We want to create a wonderful place for children to learn together. Field trips, activity days, and special events are ways that parents can be involved and will be encouraged to set up on off-campus days. If you want to help in a child’s classroom specifically, that would need to be discussed and approved with the director and teacher.
Can my child take one or two classes or does he or she have to participate in the entire two days with all subjects ?
Students ​are not required to ​take all ​subjects and all classes both days.
Are uniforms required?
No. Uniforms are not required. We do ask that students wear comfortable, clean clothes and dress in a modest fashion.
Is there a multi-student discount?
Yes! The first and second students are at the annual tuition rate. The third student and on receives a tuition discount.
How much will curriculum cost?
Curriculum costs are not included in tuition. Depending on grade level and where purchased, estimated costs are $200 – $300 per student.
What is the tuition?
Please contact us for specific tuition information. For those who thought they couldn’t afford a top quality private education like this for their children, please take another look. Payment plans start at as little as $83 a month for tuition – let us tell you more about it! We also offer a multi-student discount with the third student and on. Additionally, there is  a one-time family application fee, a yearly student registration fee, and curriculum costs.

GAP Hybrid School is 30 weeks long, from September to May. Students meet on-campus, in a classroom community two full days a week. The program also includes the support, guidance and planning for parents as they teach their children at home. The in-class instruction and at-home assignments cover a full year’s curriculum

Are all students accepted into the program?
No, we realize our program is not for everyone. We have worked hard to create a program to meet most student’s needs, but we realize we can’t help everybody. We reserve the right to decide that certain students are not the right fit for GAP.
Is this a co-op?
​No. While we love volunteers, parents are not required to work or be involved in the classrooms. We expect for parents to drop off their children in the morning and to pick them up timely in the afternoon.
Will the high school courses count for credit?
​Yes. GAP Hybrid School is a homeschool program that partners with the parents to teach the classes that students need for their education. These classes are designed to meet the high school requirements and to prepare them for college and beyond.
Is GAP Hybrid School accredited?
​No.​ GAP Hybrid School is not an accredited school. It is a homeschool program that partners with the parents to teach the classes that students need for their education. These classes are designed to meet the high school requirements and prepare students for college and beyond.
Is GAP Hybrid School associated with any church?
​No. We are renting the building from a church camp.​
Does GAP Hybrid School offer Dual Enrollment?
Dual Enrollment, taking college classes while in high school, is an exciting COMPLETE

GAP was an answer to prayer. We had decided to look for a Co-op setting for our kids last year, and when we walked in and saw they were using the same curriculum we had already been using, we knew God had sent us there. Thankful for the teachers that have poured into my kids this year.

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Our mission is to provide low-cost, credit-worthy classes for our students while joining parents to equip students with the practical, relational, and academic skills they need to succeed.






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