Mission & Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide low-cost, credit-worthy classes for our students while joining parents to equip students with the practical, relational, and academic skills they need to succeed.

Our Values

1. Community

At GAP Hybrid School, our desire is to provide consistency in our community of students while they learn and grow together to develop skills and habits that give them the opportunity to live a happy and fulfilled life. While meeting all day two times a week, we encourage friendships and work together to help students realize they belong and have value. Students learn to identify their passions, strengths and build on their leadership skills – tools they will need to be productive members of society when they leave the school environment. Community with parents is something we also work together to provide as we offer parents the help, support and encouragement they need to provide the best educational experience possible for their children.

2. Family

Parents are affirmed in their role as the primary influence and educator in their child’s life. Since education begins in the home, we believe it should be encouraged and supported to continue at home.  It is also an important thing for a family to learn, play, and spend time together. Since we offer a two-day schedule, we are allowing families discretion over their free time which allows for more family time together. The family relationship is the most vital for a child’s upbringing as it will have the most lasting effect on a child’s life.

3. Active Learning

At Gap Hybrid School, we believe students “learn by doing” and we provide students with opportunities through hands-on activities that address critical thinking skills, challenges, and real-life problems. Students are encouraged to ask question, explore concepts, do their own investigative research, and think outside the box. We are committed to presenting material in creative and different ways to provide a new way of learning which extends beyond the limitations of traditional education.

4. Considerate Christian Worldview

We believe a student’s religious education is the responsibility of their parent/guardian. We welcome all students and families regardless of their religious belief or personal worldview. Thoughtful, reasonable discussions about other worldviews will be respected. The worldview of the lessons will be from a Christian perspective when it is part of a class subject. This allows parents the opportunity to understand the perspective our classes are taught from so they can discuss the difference of their beliefs with their children if they feel it is appropriate.

GAP was an answer to prayer. We had decided to look for a Co-op setting for our kids last year, and when we walked in and saw they were using the same curriculum we had already been using, we knew God had sent us there. Thankful for the teachers that have poured into my kids this year.

GAP Parent

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